Securing Items Can Be Ideal For Many Lifting Equipment Devices

A great piece of lifting equipment can be used in any particular working space, but it will require some additional accessories to secure whatever needs to be lifted. This includes suction cups to lift flat items, anchors that can get a better grip on hooks and so forth. Whether you need to lift large pieces of sheet metal, glass panes or even barrels, you need the right pieces of equipment to secure whatever you’ve got. You can even use magnets if necessary.

All of these objects for lifting purposes will give you more control as the items being lifted will be less likely to sway and swing around while on a crane. You may also find it easier to lift more materials because your crane can hold onto something in a firm and safe manner.

Suction Cups Are Very Popular

A suction cup setup is perfect to use on any piece of equipment. Suction cups are items that create a vacuum of space between their bodies and any flat surface that needs to be lifted. A cup like this utilizes a strong seal that comes about as it is pressed onto a surface and can then secure a bond that will work for an extended period of time.

Glass suction cups stick to the surface of any solid material you have to lift and then move from one section to the next. They secure and lift heavy items to keep them from slipping off so easily.

Even with the beneficial features of suction cups in mind, they can lose their grip on items over time as the air begins to move inside their bodies. That is why it is critical for people to move items as quickly as possible to avoid accidental dislodge.

Can Anchors Be Added?

Anchors may be added to items like pallets or packing blocks. Anchors include hooks that will go through hoops or other fasteners attached to your cargo. You can also add strings, belts, and other anchoring items to secure objects.

Securing anchors to a lifting equipment is ideal to prevent accidental slipping. These must be attached to a crane head carefully and inspected regularly to ensure that they won’t slip off and risk hurting someone in the process.

Magnets May Work Too

You can even use the power of magnets in your workspace. Magnets are typically added to create strong seals on metallic items and other objects that might have large magnetic surfaces attached to them. These magnets can help create strong and difficult to destroy bonds between items. In industrial sites, magnets are often added to jib cranes to create a stronger and more secure bond.

Of course, magnets can rust at times and lose traction if their seals on items they are attached to are lost. It is crucial to inspect all magnets used on a regular basis and to even clean them off if needed.

All pieces of lifting equipment are useful, but it is especially necessary to see how they are used as demanded. Many items can be used to carefully lift materials quite well, but they must be checked regularly. Visit Millsom Materials Handling at or call them at 1800 99 22 11 for more information on available supplies to lift different types of materials.

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