Earn a Marine License Through Boat License Training

It is necessary for people who use boats to obtain a boat licence training Victoria courts establish in order to navigate safely on the waters. The aspect has been a practice welcomed widely by residents. In order to operate a registered vessel on Victorian waters, one must be a rightful holder of a marine license. The first one, general marine license, is issued to anyone of sixteen years and above while the restricted marine license is limited to anyone in the age bracket of twelve years and sixteen years.

boat licence training Victoria

The holder of a restricted marine license is not eligible to be a master of a registered recreational vessel. The conditions stipulate that the vessel cannot be controlled by the holder during the night hours, at a speed of above ten knots or the possibility of towing another vessel or person. These conditions can only be removed when the holder attains the age of sixteen. None the less, the specified holder can only renew the card if the license previously issued expires.

The boat licence training Victoria clients endorse includes certain requirements. Yachts and trailer sailors operators are required to acquire a license; but only if the vessel is fitted with a motor used for creating an impulse. For one to acquire a legit marine license, you have to go through boat licencetraining in Victoria. One has to get tested. The test is entirely computer based.

How the Boat License Works

Victoria boat licence training issues a license that is only valid in Victoria only. Should one want to use the license in another state, one should first enquire from the authorities before taking action. The rules and regulations vary in various states hence the need to inquire about it. On the other hand, one can use a valid interstate license for up to a maximum of three months while in Victoria. Then after, you will need to convert your license into a Victorian License for safe and legal navigation.

Most boat licensing training providers, will only charge for the five-year license fee and leave behind the computer based fee test. Before receiving your license, a certificate is issued by the transport safety Victoria board as prove that you passed the test.

Controlling a boat with ease is exciting and challenging at the same time. For that reason, you need a boat licence training Victoria has. The Australian Boating College is the largest provider in the boat training sector where they ensure that you get the right training and safety measures at your fingertips. With fifteen years in the boat training industry, you would not doubt the level of expertise their employees offer during the training courses. To boost students’ workability, they offer free online training courses that additionally help in the preparation of examinations.

They are dedicated to offering the best boat licence training Victoria offers through the provision of high-quality content in the training sessions. For the practical training, they offer comfortable and modern vessels to make the sessions worthwhile. The instructors will offer training worth the value of your money. For more details visit

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