Have Exceptional Floors with Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is the latest trend in the market today. Many modern and stylish homeowners are now using these type of floors to give a refined look to their home interiors. Builders, contractors, interior designers and homeowners are delighted to get this latest style icon that is never expensive either.

bamboo flooring

Advantages of Choosing Bamboo as Flooring Material:

Apart from style and elegance in home interiors, bamboo flooring has many other benefits:

  1. Ecologically viable product. Bamboo is grown naturally. It’s also a biodegradable product and recyclable too. Hence, this is a fantastic way to walk on a floor which doesn’t create any environmental hazards; neither does it destroy natural resources. It grows much faster than hardwood.Whereas bamboo takes 3-4 years to grow, hardwood takes almost 15-18 years to mature.
  2. Almost zero maintenance. This kind of flooring never requires any special attention. Just a simple sweeping or vacuuming is enough to keep the floor clean and tidy.
  3. Durability. It’s scientifically proven that bamboo floors are much harder than hardwood floors; thus, these last longer.
  4. Health benefits. The impermeable surface of bamboo doesn’t catch any dust or water particles. The floor always remains smooth and dry even during the monsoon. People who are prone to allergy due to dust or damp, feel much comfortable in bamboo floored houses.
  5. Easy installation. Bamboo can be easily surfaced on any type of base such as wood, vinyl tiles, and plywood, etc.
  6. Inexpensive flooring. This is the most inexpensive form of flooring. The product is available abundantly. The process of manufacturing is not complicated either. That’s why bamboo flooring prices for installation are much lower compared with hardwood flooring.

Features of Retailers:

There are a few well-known and featured suppliers in and around Brisbane who have made the product very popular here. The job of promoting this new concept was not easy initially. People need time to understand the various benefits of bamboo flooring. After all, it’s a major investment for homeowners. Retailers of bamboo flooring Brisbane has today, provide the following features to their clients:

  • They never compromise with quality. They choose their suppliers after a thorough inspection of their profile and quality of products. These retailers ensure that the supplied products are manufactured with the best quality of bamboo, maintaining international standards.
  • They fully utilize the benefits of e-commerce. Products are widely displayed and sold online so that buyers from different places can also get them from the comforts of their homes.
  • Products are available in different designs and textures. Customers can choose from wide varieties of product lines.
  • Installations are done on demand by expert installers employed by retailers. Installation of bamboo flooringneeds the top level of expertise; a minor mistake can reduce the longevity of the flooring.
  • After sale support is also provided, since a majority of homeowners are not aware of this new flooring concept. Information and support are also provided online, and through help lines absolutely free.

Homeowners are now showing interest in this form of flooring to have an exceptional look to their home interiors. Bamboo flooring, with all its positive features, is sure to replace many other concepts in the future.


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